Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trekathalon TOS: 1-14 The Balance of Terror

Hail Ming!
Despite the IMDB screen-grab, I watched this one on DVD.  Was I disappointed with the updated effects?  Of course.  What's the point of doing an updated Romulan Warbird if you're still going to repeat the footage three or four times?!  Plus I didn't see a good view of the bird of prey livery on the bottom of the ship.  Either I wasn't paying attention (probable), or that was a major oversight.  At least for a spaceship nerd like me.

As episodes go, this is another one that's gotten creaky in comparison to later, better, takes on the destroyer vs. submarine-style starship duel.  I did get a chuckle out of the 'silent running' on both ships, complete with whispers.

Mark Lenard (Sarek!) does an excellent job as the Romulan Commander, and Lawrence Montaigne is this weeks insubordinate officer.  Those guys were a dime a dozen back then!  Also, widows.

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