Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trekathalon TOS: 1-21 The Return of the Archons.

Landru inside  *Bomm ba da dun bumm*
An powerful force is making the inhabitants of the Bonanza backlot Beta III happy-zombies, but also insane with rage.  The Prime directive shows up, gets broken immediately, and paves the way for a bazillion plot devices to come.

Kirk saves the day talking a computer to death, and ability which most of my coworkers share, and that he will use several more times.  Despite it all, an enjoyable episode.

One thing that really confused me: I thought the Betans were human-descendants of the Archon crash survivors.  But then they started talking about thousands of years before the crash, and I realized the Betans were supposed to be aliens.  This made me appreciate TNG's habit of using cheap makeup (nose ridge, ear bumps, spots, etc) as shorthand for 'alien'.  I know it gets slagged, but a nose bump or two would have helped me keep things straight.

We never find out what happened to the Archon.

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