Friday, March 11, 2011

Trekathlon TOS Season 1 Roundup

With Season 1 finished, it's time to reflect, in bullet form!
  • It's weird watching Star Trek without it's later institutions and conventions established.
  • Though I wish they kept some of the ones here for later iterations. I liked that each ship and base had their own insignia and different uniforms.
  • I'm a sucker for mid-60's architecture and design.
  • The Enterprise needs to put some locks on their doors, and Bones can't keep anyone in sickbay. 
  • The show feels smaller then I remember it.  More claustrophobic, less scope.
  • The core cast were all really good actors.  It's easy to forget that.
  • The Horta is still awesome.
  • Wrath of Khan is better then Space Seed.  I also don't think Space Seed is necessary to enjoy Khan.
  • Though I like to think Wrath of Khan's plot grew from some fanboy being irritated the Enterprise never followed up on any of the cool things they encountered.
  • I've gotten used to serialized dramas.  I didn't think I'd miss an overall plot or theme, but I did.
  • The updated HD effects are poorly done.
With that out of the way, season 2 recaps commence next week!  Watch out for NOMAD!

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