Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ebay: The Pluggening

In your pants.

Almost forgot to plug my current ebay gubbins!

DCU Classics Wave 18, and Transformers Collector Club Exclusive G2 Ramjet

Ramjet sold out in a couple of days, and was a hot commodity for a bit.  His price has come down, but he's still the best iteration of the venerable Classic Seeker mold, I think. Great colors, lots of well-applied tampographs, and shiny foil stickers!  Pre-applied!

I pre-ordered DCU Wave 18 because I wanted Black Vulcan, and the Apache Chief Build-a-Figure.  Now I'm selling the rest.

Yes, I bought an entire wave of pricey superhero figures to complete a joke from the Harvey Birdman cartoon.

The DCU figures are pretty cool though, I had never bought any before, and was tempted to keep all of them, save for Captain Boomerang.

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