Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm an Artist!

I've got pieces in two shows in October!

I sent several pieces to the In Living Kolor show at the Lot F gallery in Boston, October 8th.  The show is hosted by Matt Walker of Dead Presidents Designs and Monster Kolor.  He was kind enough to invite me; the following pieces will be on display, though I won't be able to make the show, Boston is a bit of a drive from here.

Officer Mutant, Chaos PD [RxH x Onell Design Flesh Chaos Trooper and Monster Kolo Paint]

Starguts Armodoc [Onell Design Glyos clear Armodoc filled with LEDs and coated in Monster Kolor]

Rainbow Barf Chaos [RxH mint green Mutant Chaos blank coated in Monster Kolor]
Aether Exploreres [Onell Design Glyos clear figures coated in Monster Kolor]
FungoBon [Onell Design Glyos Gobon coated in Monster Kolor]

 Second is the Gumpy Revolution show, October 8th at Gunnzo in San Diego.  I submitted a custom Gomi for the project.  Won't be at this show either, maybe some day I'll get some pieces in a gallery closer to home.

Hopefully there will be some better photographers there.  Pricing available at the show.

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