Thursday, July 14, 2011

Custom Glyos: Aether Explorers

This Pheyden and his research team have spent to much time exploring The Edge of Space, and now their very physical existence has become fragile and ethereal!  These will be posted for sale on the October Toys Glyos boards, $25 + Shipping each.  Full writeup and more pictures after the jump.

Inspired by the Dead President's Callgrim Custom Corps, these figures take advantage of the incredible properties Monster Kolor clearcoat when applied to a clear Glyos figure.  The finish comes out looking like blown glass, it's really a marvel.

I have a tendency to paint things to death.  To many brushstrokes, stupid detail, or just one color or pearl to many with the airbrush.  This scheme mad for a good exercise in self-control.  Each one was washed, then given a white basecoat on the limbs and head.  Just enough to be uniform, but still let light through.  On that went one coat each of silver, then a highlight of a metallic color.  No pearls, no special paints.  That was it.  Using opaque paints instead of clears achieved a nifty phasing effect, and this time, less really was more.

Some mistakes though, I should have added disks to the feet of the blue guy.  He stands ok, but he could be more stable.  Also the white base on his feet could have been better applied.

Still, I'm very happy with these.

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