Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Outer Space Men: Custom Metamorpho

I've been itching to customize some of the new Outer Space Men figures, designed by Mel Birnkrant, and produced by The Four Horsemen.  Finally got around to it last weekend.  More pictures and writeup after the jump.
I had a spare Beta Wave (pink) Metamorpho, and started there.  Metamorpho has a spiffy action feature: three different faces that can be rotated with the knob on his head.  Unfortunately, the translucent plastic versions don't show the great detail on these faces, so I hit them with a pop-art scheme.  I'm still not great doing details with my airbrush, but Monster Kolor can make anything look good.  It's messy overall, though I really love the way the bug-eyed face turned out.

I wanted to preserve the translucency of the plastic, and it would be a shame to completely cover a figure that was as limited as this one.  I applied a thin coat of Monster Kolor silver to the joints, and highlighted the ray guns and orange ornamentation with Moon Dust Silver.  Then I covered the entire figure in color change flakes, and sealed with (what else?) Monster Kolor High-Gloss.  I'm satisfied with the results.

The Red metamorpho is much simpler, I just wanted a bright retro look for him (which the basic figure does better, now that I really look at them).  I used an Infinity Edition Metamorpho as a base, and completely covered the figure in Monster Kolor Rocket Red.  Again, silver highlights on the joints and ray guns, and a coat of Red Pearl.  I left the head in silver, with a very fine purple inkwash to bring out the details.  It reflects light well, so the faces are fairly visible through the helmet.  I botched the clearcoat on the body though, and it pooled in the leg joint on took paint off in an ugly flat spot.
Very fun figure to work on, and I intend to customize the rest of the infinity edition molds.

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