Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mystery Science Theater Volume XX Announced

Satellite News has announced the titles for Volume XX of the continuing Shout! Factory Mystery Science Theater releases:

Project Moonbase
Master Ninja I
Master Ninja II
The Magic Voyage of Sindbad

The two Master Ninja episodes are a surprise, as they were mashed together episodes of a failed TV series, and the studio that did the mashing has long disappeared.  They tend to put me asleep, but the riffing is solid.

Project Moonbase is kinda hard to watch, as the male characters heap abuse on the lone female space commander.  I love the Commander Cody serial though, and this one includes a double dose.

 Magic Voyage of Sindbad ("He's not Sindbad!") is one of the incomprehensible, but stunning Russo-Finnish productions that are some of the Best Brains most outstanding work.  Highly recommended.

Note - I completely stole the spaghetti ball globe from Satellite News. I hope that's ok.

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