Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trekathalon TOS: 1-4 The Naked Time

It's confirmed.  Death by flocking gun.
Star Fleet really needs to work on their hostile environment training.  While investigating a mysteriously perished science team, a redshirt takes his gloves off to pick his nose, and is immediately infected by evil red water.  Evil red water makes everyone act drunk, and is passed through physical contact.  Everyone but Bones (who is bright enough to wear gloves), and Scotty (who only touches control panels) are infected, and the Enterprise is going to crash!

Bones and Scotty save the day, and hurl the Enterprise away from a disintegrating planet so fast they go back in time.  That makes complete sense...  Wait, what?

Episode highlight: shirtless, fencing Sulu is subdued on the bridge, and Spock quips: "Take D'Artanina away!"  The writers needed to give Spock a sense of humor more often.

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