Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trekathalon TOS: 1-7 What Little Girls are Made Of?

It's like a Postcard from my Subconscious.
Robot Parts?  Are little girls made of robot parts?  I think that's the theme of this episode, it's unclear though.  What is clear is my recollection of this episode from childhood: Naked Shatner on a spinning plate, with a haemonculous, beautiful women in revealing space overalls, giants in puffy costumes, bottomless pits, robots.  That's TOS in a nutshell.

Ted Cassidy is great as Ruk: big, menacing, yet stealthy, and he does a fantastic job with his dialog.  As well as being the original Addam's Family Lurch and Thing, he did a bazillion voices for Hana Barbara (Godzilla!), and the Martian in Angry Red Planet.  We'll see him again.

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