Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trekathalon TOS: 1-3 Where No Man Has Gone Before

Attacked by Difference Clouds!
 It's yellow shirt day on the Enterprise, and special guest victims Gary Lockwood (two years to 2001) and the gorgeous Sally Kellerman (four years to MASH) get bad contacts and demigod powers after a trip outside the galaxy. Lockwood gnaws scenery something fierce, but the episode is entertaining. Shatner also gets to wield the nifty Phaser Rifle prop.

So did everyone with enhanced brains turn evil? It looks more like Lockwood is possessed at the end, after the fight with Shatner. Oh well, heavy handed point noted, absolute power corrupts...

Again, the enhanced Matte paintings on the planet are nice, but the space scenes look simultaneously cheap and over done.

I don't think ESPers are ever brought up again.  Probably for the best.

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