Monday, November 8, 2010

Trekathalon TOS: 1-6 Mudd's Women

I don't really want to know What Memory Alpha
has to say about this...
I really shouldn't be having this much trouble with an old Star Trek episode: The Enterprise burns out their lithium supply (when did it turn into dilithium?) saving the crew of an unidentified ship.  The captain is a conman, Harry Mudd, and three mail-order brides he was taking, errm, somewhere.  He's giving them a pill that makes them hypnotically beautiful (as I kid I thought it was an anti-aging serum, and that the women were incredibly old).  Mudd decides to marry (sell?) the women to the lithium miners where the enterprise is going to refuel.  Hijinks ensue, one of the women realizes she was beautiful without the pill, and Mudd is taken to jail. I think.

But the gals are still married (sold?) to uncouth dilithium miners (who performed the wedding, Kirk?), and I'm not sure what Mudd's scam was in the first place?  Was he human trafficking?  I don't get it.  And what did the 'Venus Pills' really do, since one of the women made Bone's medical scanner go wonky?  And Uhura is wearing  yellow uniform.  I haz a confusion.

Plus the new effects shots look terrible, jarringly so.

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