Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Glyos Custom: The Light Rig

Matt Doughty continues to consistently release awesome figures in his Glyos series.  One of the last waves included a clear-vinyl rig, that just begged to be lit up.  So I obliged:

I used a cheap IKEA set of LED's, powered by two AA batteries.  Only 10 lights to work with, so I had to be choosy with placement.  Once I figured out where I wanted the lights, I masked off the to-be-lit areas, and sprayed the rig black.  Several of the coats didn't go so well (my fault, I was painting in freezing temperatures) resulting in cracking and peeling.  I decided to finish off the base coat with Tamiya acrylics.  This also didn't go so well either, as I let the paint bleed under the masking tape.

I should have stripped it and started again, but I got impatient, and plunged ahead with the lights.  Affixed them with transparent household adhesive, and proceeded to finish covering the rest of the rig.

The result is a really poor, sloppy finish, Doesn't look to bad in the dark though.

I tried to give the finish some depth with drybrushes of metallic acrylic paint.  Messed the copper coat up something awful, the brush-strokes are clearly visible (see below), and again, sloppy.  I used to be better at this.  I also gave the clear parts a thin white coat of paint to hide the internals, and try to diffuse the LEDs.

Also, the toy is now a statue.  Moving the joints cracks the paint, and lets the light shine out.

Still, lots of fun, and I'm happy to have it finished.  I learned plenty on this one, so the next will be much better.

Many thanks to Matt Doughty and the Glyos crew for continuing to make such amazing toys, and encouraging customizers to play in their universe!

More pictures:

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