Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trekathalon TOS: 1-27 The Alternative Factor

Is it bigger on the inside?
The universe winks out of existence for a few seconds (didn't seem to have any adverse effects though?), and an alien named Lazarus and his Spaceman Spiff Saucer/TARDIS are responsible.  Or his alternate universe counterpart.  I think.  They both end up trapped in a dimensional corridor eternally fighting each other, or else the Universe will cease to exist.

Nerd time!  How come Kirk and alt-lazarus are able to exist in their respective anti-universes?  Shouldn't the matter-antimatter reaction have caused very big kabooms?  Oh well, it's not like physicists understand antimatter all that much.

I enjoyed the 'music of the spheres' eerie-background-noise in the alt-universe.

I also liked this episode better then all of Fringe.  Makes as much sense too.

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