Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trekathalon TOS: 1-26 Errand of Mercy

They're upset I stole this image from Wikipedia
Wow, TOS Klingons seem so much more nuanced!  I really only remember them from The Trouble with Tribbles, so this was a bit of a revelation.  All the performances are solid, with John Colicos (Baltar!) standing out as the Klingon Commander.

The plot is another Godlike Alien deus ex machina (the Organians this time), with the real highlight being the interplay between Shatner and Colicos.  Organians were retconned into Enterprise (poorly), but otherwise they were only referenced in passing after this.

So by TNG, Klingons had gone shouty and brutish, while all the sneaky subtleties had gone to the Romulans and Ferengi?  Going to be interesting to compare.  For me anyway.

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