Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trekathalon TOS: 1-22 Space Seed

So pointy! I hope she doesn't run with those.
I can't watch this episode without the perspective of Wrath of Khan (AKA: Dirty Dancing for boys, see the third comment),  which I've seen dozens of times, while I've only seen Space Seed twice, maybe?  Wrath of Khan makes it look like Kirk never followed up on any of his missions:

Genocidal Superman and historical figure worthy of study?  Just put him in the corner somewhere.
Benevolent Godlike Aliens?  Junk drawer.
Plant that cures all disease?  Box in the garage.

Oh and there's no way that was 100% Montalbán chest in Wrath of Khan.

Alternate captions: "You'll shoot your eye out kid!" and "Front Torpedo bays loaded."
I'll be here all week, remember to tip your waitress.

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