Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trekathalon TOS: 1-23 A Taste of Armaggedon

I accidentally a hat.
I've never seen this episode before, and it both bored me, and brought out my pedantic geek side.  HARD.  Did the  Eminiar or the Vendikar take into account the Enterprise defensive capabilities?  What happens when people don't show up for disentigration?  Who monitors compliance of the excecutions?  Is it a lottery, or is everyone on the planet tracked?  How can a civilization suvive the loss of 3 Million people at a time?  Much less a city?  Is there an arms race to develop better defenses or weapons?  Are they tested in some Consumer Reports test kitchen for lethality?

See, my incredulity at the particulars outweighed my interest in the heavy-handed "A war that is to clean  will go on forever" message.  But then the war wasn't clean 3 Million people just reported to disintegration.... GRAAAGRH!

See, pedantic and geeky.  I apologize.

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