Monday, February 14, 2011

Trekathalon TOS: 1-24 This Side of Paradise

Mr. And Mrs. Green Jeans.
I know this episode as a Mystery Science Theater punchline.  The Best Brain's used "I'm in love Jim!" as a riff, almost as much as "I am Kirok!" There was even a sketch.  But how does This Side of Paradise hold up as drama?  Not bad.  Everyone sells their role's, and the sound design is fantastic.  The sound of constant rushing wind makes Omicron Ceti VIII feel completely desolate and lonely.

One nagging flaw:  It seems like a plant that can cure all disease, and make a human resistant to radiation would be pretty useful.  Especially if the perfect health it grants sticks around after a spell of anger banishes the side effects.

Now that I think about it, was the happy-plant an analogy for marijuana?

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